ionic cordova run not detecting device and starts emulator

While running “ionic cordova run“, I experienced that app did not run on device and started on emulator.

If this is the case with you too, first check whether your machine(PC) is detecting the connected device(phone) or not.

Basic steps for making ” ionic cordova run ” to run app on device

Run the following command “adb devices -l“. If it does not show any device attached, then make sure your phone’s USB Debug mode is “enabled” and Developer mode is turned “On”. Also, your USB Options is set to “Transfer media files”.

In my case, Developer mode was not turned on. After turning it on, “adb devices -l” was able to detect my device.

ionic cordova run

According to official documentation of ionic, we need to execute the following command in order to run the app on our device

” ionic cordova run android –device”


Some important reference links are:

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